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#17 - How To Be Loved By Allah and Everyone ♥

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Assalamualaikum :)

Hello everyone! Glad to see you all again. Well, the weather is just nice. The wind blowing smoothly through my face, I feel so calm right now, very calm. Thank you Allah :)

I begin my story for today with a simple question that I bet most people can easily answer it whether YES or NO.

So everyone, do you think you love yourself? Yes? a big NO? or in between? Whatever could be on your mind, it is a big YES for me :) There are many self quotes created by famous authors, celebrities or newsmakers that can enhance your confidence and gain respect to your own self as well as by others. Let me share with you some useful tips .


You know yourself better. You are you and you cannot be someone else. However, if someone motivates you to be better and people keep saying positive things such as "You have changed a lot in your studies. I'm proud of you" or "Babe, you look so confident. How did you manage to overcome your nervous?" or "Hey, you already have 2000 followers on your blog. It seems like you're making a great story ha? keep up the good work", now these were a good self improvement. Just make yourself proud of the inner capabilities that you have. You may not show it now, but practise it slowly. Practise make perfect right? :)


Whoever you are, you must obey what Allah has told you to do; and whoever you are, you are nobody without your parents guidance and support. They have raising you and tought you many things since you were born. They sacrifies everything including financial, education, security and even their heart and soul because they love you more than anything. Sometimes as a daughter/son, you may not know how to show your love to your parents. Maybe you're shy because you thought you have become mature enough and you do not want to act like child, begging for forgiveness once you have done something wrong to them. This is completely wrong because a person who has grown up, they can think wisely. Just bear in your mind, do not talk to them in a rude manner and please avoid sensitive issues that might hurt their feelings. Be visible when they need you because you always seek for their advise at times you are having trouble and difficulties, aren't you? As I told you earlier; whoever you are, be a good one. Respect the older and people also will respect you :)


This is the most simplest way to be loved by others. Be a counselor. Lend your hand towards those in need, lend your ears and listen to what they wanna share. Give out some useful advice. They will eventually appreciate your kindness. Besides, be happy. This life is too short to be unhappy. Do what you love and you should not always be too overly concerned what others say or feel. But whatever you do, please hold this quote as your guideline, "WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS, FOR THEY BECOME WORDS; WATCH YOUR WORDS, FOR THEY BECOME ACTIONS".


As a muslims, we pray five times each day. It is Fajr prayer, Zuhr prayer, Asar prayer, Maghrib prayer and Isya' prayer. Why do we have to do it? These prayers are considered as an obligation for every muslim by the time he/she reaches puberty and it is the second most important of Islam’s five pillars so in any circumstances, we have to do it sincerely if we want to please Him and gain the top ranks of Jannah. At fixed intervals, no matter how busy you are, all of a sudden you have to take out a few minutes and you’re remembering; 'Okay, I must perform my solat first'. Isn't it? If one does not know how to perform the solat, he/she can learn it because Islam's beliefs is easy to understand. It is easy to follow. In addition, each prayer includes a series of movements, supplications, and recitations from the Quran. I can simplify that solat is actually a good way of exercising :)


When you are having a problem or argue with your family or friends or your bf/gf, do you usually get angry? Mostly people get stressed first because of the pressure he/she felt. It's okay :) If you want to be loved by Allah and others, PLEASE control your anger eventhough you feels like want to kill or burn somebody at that time. Hey, are you as bad as that? Take your wudu'. I hope it can make you calm and cool down. Hehe. If you do not control your temper, it might turn even worse and you are the one who will regret later seriously. Take my words :)


Frankly speaking, many people seem to hate themselves because of the lack of beauty that they have. In order to cover the weaknesses, many beauty products were released to market and succeed in persuading these people to try and buy the products, continously. Many advertising medium also did the same. They aimed to gain profits and survive in the competitive market because of the increasing market demand. My question is, why do you have to your waste your money on something that cannot change your confidence level? Take an example, you bought a set of make up and you apply on your face. You feel very beautiful like princess in fairy tales. However, what is your face look like without make up? is it horrible enough to scare everyone? NO. Allah has created you in that way and you were born with your own uniqueness and you should appreciate that. You should be grateful because nobody can copy your originality. You should be proud of that okay :)


Lastly, do not smoke. To make it simple, imagine the cigarette is a girl who like to cheat on boys. This girl is bad. Really really bad. Eventhough you love her so much, you adore her and addictive to her, you must take a wise decision. LEAVE HER. If not, you are the one who suffer. If you do not want to leave her, you are so sure you will be just fine, it's alright. You're the dumb one here. Haha. Okay, just joking. Then, connect my example with smoking. You got that? Smoking is bad for health. You already knew that but you still smoking. Very good. The better solution is just focus on something you like to do (other than smoking) and start digging. Set a quit date. Tell your family and friends that you plan to quit. Write down on notes the challenges you'll face while quitting and be patient! Remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from your home, car, and your private places, in case you have. Good luck! :)

Note of the day : Actually, there were abundant of useful tips I wanna share with you guys and girls but I think these information is quite enough to guide you, and my self as well! Hehe. I am pleased to receive any comments and suggestions from all of you. Sorry for my not-so-well english and thank you for reading! :)

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